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A Brief Lesson in Change Management

I’m writing from my phone today. I’ve moved to another state as part of a new assignment, and my internet provider hasn’t been able to get my connection set up quite yet.

This in and of itself isn’t noteworthy (same day install seems relatively uncommon for internet and cable service), but what *is* noteworthy is that when I called today to order service the company seemed to be in chaos. Customer service reps gave conflicting information around service set up and pricing, there were systems issues, and at one point a rep said she would send confirmation of my order within 45 minutes only to never send anything or return my call.

I called the company back and spoke to two different agents before getting to the heart of the problem – they were in the middle of a merger and no one knew right from left.

This got me thinking about change management during an acquistion and the unique role HR plays in the process. Bringing two companies together involves addressing cultural issues around the way work gets done, and companies that fail to lay the proper foundation here will run into a host of integration challenges like the ones being faced by the (unamed for their benefit) cable company today.

That’s all I dare write on this subject from my phone, but I’ll look to revisit this going forward.


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