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Narrow Your Focus

Today was my last day in compensation. I’m stepping into a new role (internally) that will take me to both a new city and new role.

As such, this week has been unusually hard to ship for me. Crazy hours… juggling a move. It’s just been one of those weeks where its been challenging to stay in front of things.

With that said, when time gets scarce you learn what’s really important. 1 It narrows your focus. You prioritize and focus on doing the things you really need to do.

Because of the last week I am better today than I was before.

…I think that’s the lesson today.

Look to push yourself every once in a while. Narrow your focus – find out what really matters.

You’ll be better for it. You’ll understand what you need to be at your best and what you can afford to let go.

Of course, I’m just making it up as I go along.

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Careers I Considered Before Settling on HR

A while back I made a post about the importance of HR. I spoke broadly about the value the function provides to the businesses it supports, and I also touched briefly on why I made the choice to pursue a career in the space.

The road was winding, but ultimately took me to HR.

With that said, while I love doing Human Resources, I like doing other things as well…

Below are a few of them:

1. I’d have been a decent digital artist. I love to do 3d sculpting, and I’m pretty good at texturing (see below). Digital art is the closest thing I have to a non-HR related hobby. Almost nobody outside of my closest friends and family know that I do it, but I love it about as much as I love anything.

Yours truly – I did this on Sunday… Close camera shot because I didn’t feel like rendering the hair (which takes forever because it casts so many shadows)

2. I’d have been good at commission based sales. I have a pretty strong motor to begin with (weekends aren’t for relaxing for me, they’re for uninterrupted skill development), and to the above point cash incentives push me from a seven day a week performer to someone who not only works seven days but also doesn’t sleep. With that said, I am an introvert and have a very hard upper limit on how much I can deal with people on a given day.

I heart money

3. I could have also been a writer (I think – you tell me)My technique and style isn’t anything special, but I’m disciplined, organized, stick to deadlines,1. My ability to find things on the internet would be legendary if only such things had the capacity to be legendary.research well 1, and can spit out 1,000 quality (or at least readable) words on any subject if you give me the internet, Microsoft Word and a couple of hours.

4. I’d have been a strong performer in Advertising and/or Marketing. I count as a skill my ability to break down complex topics in simple, engaging ways across various content platforms, and I love making decks, designing presentations, storyboarding and understanding what makes people tick.

5. I’d have made an okay Financial Analyst. In fact, I entered grad school planning on a career in Finance – a good idea for many reasons, but perhaps most importantly because I am very interested in identifying causes (and making predictions/projections around analyses of data).

They look so engaged.

On the other hand, Financial Analysts generally identify how businesses can make money (or avoid losing it) by thoroughly exploring the status of investment opportunities… but while I personally love the research and data analyses behind these sorts of efforts, I’m not that interested in answering the questions Financial Analysts are often asked to solve.

I’m more interested in human capital challenges – Why are high potentials leaving a given organization (and how should that organization retain them)? Who are the future leaders in an organization (and how can that potential be identified and quantified)?

…Workforce Management – retention, development, incentive etc. – these are all challenges worth exploring that I have a lot of energy around.

Closing, in the spirit of full-circle reflection:

What is the point of all this? Image Credit: <>

I’d have been bad at:

1. Anything Administrative (nothing drives me crazier than doing the same thing over and over again – and I stay as far away from this space as I possibly can in HR).

2. Most medical disciplines (for many reasons including the facts that I can’t stand blood, needles, am terrible with any biological sciences etc.).

3. Programming (I’ve actually done enough scripting to know I may have been conceptually good at it, but I’m not detail-oriented enough to have enjoyed doing it as a career).

4. I’d have made an *awful* Accountant (I can’t deal with that many2. I may have made that word up rules/technicals). 

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