Mobile Applicant Engagement

It’s been a while since I blogged, but I read a great article earlier today that I’d like to share.

I’m extremely impressed by what +RecruiterGuy and the PepsiCo team have done on their career page via mobile. You can watch the video (and read more) in the links below:

Thinking about it (with the benefit of hindsight), an msite is going to be a much more effective tool for generating engagement on a career page than a mobile app (if for no other reason than because it’s more accessible). As easy as installing mobile applications has become, it’s still just one more step in the process to starting an application on your mobile device.

That said, I’ll be very curious to see how their efforts to create an end to end application process via the msite turn out.

With there being no difference in the msite and desktop apply drop off rates, if done right it’s entirely possible that they could eventually see a higher completion rate from applications started on mobile devices than on the desktop (once the apply process is 100% possible on the msite).

For me this also begs another question: The easier the online application process becomes, the lower the quality of the average applicant will likely be over time (because things that require less effort to complete are generally less selective).
Consequently, it becomes imperative to have a strong applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruitment process in place in order to ensure the best candidates are screened through to 1st and 2nd round interviews. Too much automation here eliminates many of the positives generated by the increased candidate engagement.

Conversely, if they don’t have enough automation to screen out the poor applicants they end up with a growing headcount in TA (and a bloated recruiting function).

All in all, great work from Chris Hoyt and his team here. This is an exciting endeavor and I’ll continue to follow.


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